Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-03-31 14:02:06 (UTC)

Break Ups

Break ups are hard things. Especially if you are insanely
in love with the person who is breaking your heart. Me
breaking up with Gab hurt more than anything else in my
entire life... But if you allow it, time can heal all
wounds, and at the moment I feel so good about things. I
still hurt in places, but it's healing up so well and I
feel really really happy almost all the time to be
perfectly honest. The reason why I am talking about this is
because tonight Renee told me that her and Michael had
broken up. I didn't know what to say, I felt so sad for
her, I know that it hurts so bad. It was one of those
moments when you just say "I'm so sorry" because there's
nothing that you can say.. I mean it's not like you you're
sorry that you did anything, instead your sorry that you
can't say or do anything to make the person feel better.
All I could tell her was that my heart went out to her so
deeply... Renee, if you're reading this I want you to know
that you're an amazing person who has so many beautiful
things about her. One day you are going to find a love that
will never die. I know that inside of you is person who
believes in love and wants to feel it all the time with
everything that is inside of her. One day you will be with
somebody who believes in that with just as much depth as
you do. Until then ney ney dear, love yourself for all you
are. Cos I know for certain that you are quite worth it.
Yaray.. anyays today I studies like a crazyhorse for my
project proposal for creative industiries.. mmmhhhmmm, I'm
pretty set to write it now.. yup. That was my story for
today, come arround tommorrow for another installment...