Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
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2003-03-31 12:37:11 (UTC)

this is for all that still read

right i am gunna start writing in this because it did me
some good

i was guna write in it on saturday night but well as many
well know i was a little pissed like the keyboard would
have been a target to hit not the keys

i woke up sunday arvo pissed hungover and totally lost for
time i think i was really feral on sat night so if you saw
me sorry

ok put it this way half a bottle of jamesons 11 standard

quarter of a botle of sambucca 3 standard drinks

bourbon can
bourbon glass
bourbon stubby
tequilla shot
jimmy can
jimmy stubby

9 standard drinks

4 shooters at the attic 4 standard drinks

26 standard drinks give or take a few

i must say thats an effort if you know what i mean plus
there was no women involved in the night

anyways bed for me early start



song : to drunk to drive - Bodyjar
drink: no thanks i am still hungover

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