of little importance
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2003-03-31 09:00:21 (UTC)

continued thoughtlessness

i wanted to tell you
i wanted to tell me
but how i can i speak
of something i don't even see
you don't understand
because i won't let you
since i can't understand
why you'd want to

i'm trying hard to breathe now but there's no air in my
lungs. there's no one here to talk to and the pain inside
is making me numb...

it's so much easier just to say goodbye
than have to face tomorrow
with tears in my eyes
so yet again i let you go away
instead of opening myself up
and making you stay

it's not your fault. stop saying that it is. it's mine
and there's nothing you can do about it. it can only be
your fault if you've done something you weren't supposed to
or you didn't do something you were supposed to. you
didn't let me down.

you did exactly what i thought you'd do.