files of the weenie kid
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2003-03-31 07:38:06 (UTC)

the best day of my life

Today was officially the best day of my entire life, here's
a first-hand account of my day:
7:00AM - Meet at church, do Satan's Garage Sale 3 times,
awesome play, many people got saved!
12:30PM - Go to modesto....see Project 86!!! K, so I'm the
only girl in the mosh pit cos Catalina was up front,
enjoying the music, and rocking out and what not...then
this guy grabs me around the waist and spins me around and
throws me in the mosh pit, i turned around, cos i was about
to kick some butt, and i looked, and who might that person
be??? CURTIS. Yes, curtis, dude,I haven't seen him for like
a year... he is definetly the hottest guy i've ever seen in
my whole life,I can't believe he used to like ME, he's like hecka hot
and awesome...he was hecka pround of me cos i was moshing,
and he was moshing too, and he was all sweaty and
sexy...dangit, I have a thing for guys that are very
sweaty, that is so sexy to me...I know it sounds dirty, but
it's so true... So I talked to him a little bit, and moshed
a whole lot...I ain't trippin, cos I don't like him anymore, but that
doesn't mean that I can't think he's hot right? and I won a free cd
wallet from the marines. then I came home....
6:00PM:Josh,Daniel,and Brandon picked up me and del... and
they took us to livermore to see FIVE IRON
FRENZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the most
awesome time, I was skanking around, and moshing the entire
time, all the guys around me were hecka proud of me....I
saw hecka people there, I was by pick-nick the whole time!
He's hecka hot! I was hecka proud of him tonight for being
crazy with me... and he skanked with me A LOT! he's hecka
cool, and hot, and in a band... he was hecka sweaty =) , and he
was hecka proud of me!!!!dangit!!!I was soaking wet with
sweat when it was over...i hope nick has the same sweat
feitsh as me, or else he prolly thinks i'm disgusting. lol.
Then on the way home, del told the guys that i had a crush
on nick, and then they were laughing at me, they were
telling me i should call him, but i'm too scared... oh
well. Then daniel bought me some food, he's nice, i offered
to pay for myself, then he gave me my money back. The guys
are cool, but i think they're a little too laid back... me
and del were talking pretty much the whole time. they are
still the coolest though, i gave josh 10 buck for gas...

Well anyways, that was my day, I went to 2 awesome concerts
and saw 2 awesome guys, I moshed me face off 2 times, I got
a battle wound on my arm, I got to see five iron frezy one
last time, i got to enjoy my day!!! I am so happy right
now! I wanna cry, or celebrate, or call nick and
conradulate him for being so eyes are hecka
red, and i smell like sweat, my hair is crazy...and i am
dead tired, but i can't sleep, cos i don't ever want this
day to end! I want it to last FOREVER!!!

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