The crazy world of me
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2003-03-31 06:23:14 (UTC)

whats going on all?

What is up peoples. I am in a really good mood at the
moment and I probably shouldn't be because I don't have
anyone right now that I can trust. Lakin has been my best
friend for 6 years now and I confided in her because I just
had to tell someone about what Ricky was saying and all
that and asked her to please not saying anything to anyone
and what does she do says something. I know it had to be
her that said something because she is the only one I
talked to about it. I haven't said anything to her about
it yet but I am . That is really screwed up. I would
never tell anyone something she told me not to tell anyone
not unless I thought it needed to be said. So yeah I am
not telling her shit anymore. Which really sucks because
she is supposed to be my best friend.
Yeah so at the moment I feel like I have nobody at all
that I can talk to because it seems like everything that I
say gets back to someone somehow. Which isn't always bad
but I don't always want the whole school knowing my
buisness you know. Somethings I just want to tell
my "close" friends but it never works out that way. I
really do need to stop taking everyones crap. I don't know
but we have school tomorrow and I can't go to sleep. It
was nice having that break because I needed it really bad.
But I guess I am going to go bye!