duhs world
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2003-03-31 05:21:58 (UTC)


i am tring so hard but its getting me no where and i feel
that way all the time. but i guess i need to be just a
complete dumby to even get a look or even a chance to have
him touch me or even have him near me to have him just
care alittle about me. i just dont know what to do with
myself when i get really upset at him i dont know y i even
bother with it anymore. it makes me cry more then the pain
of not seeing him. i care so much but y does it hurt so
bad y does it seem so hard to just look at him with out
wanting to touch him. y is it so hard to hold back the
tears that make me cry over him. y do i try to even get
with him, y bother trying to make him happy y bother
making me get all happy cuz i can see him and be able to
hang with him, it will only leave me heart broken. y is
all i ask myself, y care fo r him if he makes u cry, y tdo
u try to make him happy he wont try to make u, y try to
get with him he will only spit on u when u try to be nice,
y try , y this, y that. that is all i get and i am tired
of it so. i guess it doesn't matter what i think i guess
its all the pretty girls that matter, not the one that
care not the one that gives him everything, not the one
that trys so hard to be with him, not the one that trys to
help out the best she can, not the one that trys to do
everything to make him as happy as happy can be, well i
guess thats what happens when u care about someone so much
it hurts and makes u cry

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