Nick's Journal
2003-03-31 01:56:34 (UTC)

Meager Accomplishment

The more I think I know the less I do,
Search, search, search,
My whole life through.
Fell into the sticky business of academics,
Society's glue,
Leraning, learning, just nothing new.
Each book a mile marker of intellectual accomplishment,
Staring at me from my bookshelf in the form of a

see that's why i don't write poetry. that's what i doodled
today while i was supposed to be studying. i figured it's
not that much worse than my "prose" or exposition or
whatever english majors call it so i might as well stick
it in. i mean even the small penis seeks the
yeah, so today was as usual non-exciting. i walked around
kroger for an hour just look at food i could buy, but i
just ended up buying a shake and bake mix for my chicken,
although i did get a lot of good "ideas". i think most
people are absolutely ludicruous when they shope. first of
all america is the only place i know where people actually
FILL their shopping carts. see guys the space in the
shopping cart is a SUGGESTION, not a MANDATE, you're not
getting that cart under the premise that you HAVE to fill
it. unfortunately most people think otherwise and buy a
whole hell of alot of shit. what i love the most is the
crazy mixture of food that you see in these carts. you
have the slim fast and dietary products at the bottom,
topped off with a dozen frozen pizzas on
top....essentially the fattening whipped cream on the fat
free cake. and why does everything have to be purchases
in huge quantities? doesn't this shit go bad? i mean do
each of these soccer mom's have a pack of wolverines at
home to feed or something? i mean sure there's economy of
scale but leave that to the businesses! jesus.
and for christ's sake stop blocking the aisles with your
caravans of shopping carts, and little kids should not
operate heavy carts and hit people (me) in the heels. i
hate that, i just want to crucify whoever does that to me,
but it always turns out to be some adorable little kid so
i have to go like....awwwwwww, how cute, i have to get
surgery on my achilles tendon, but awwww just look at how
he treats that shopping cart like a battering ram.
it's really only through a thorough lack of understanding
that we understand ourselves