The void
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2003-03-30 21:55:43 (UTC)

Random shit-part 1

dunno where that came from.
well i'm bored and feeling rather...RaNdOm ::sexy evil
go to the jigga house, you'll be safe there.
ah well i decided i'm quitting key skills so i won't have
to get up at 6:30 every monday fucking moring and sit in a
stench filled small,crowded class room with what looks like
an ex crack addict with a pierced eyebrow as a teacher.
the joys of life i dunno.
oOooOo this is a maaaannnsss world!pffffrrrttt yeah
awww buffy chat are missing me, how lovely. HAH you'll all
have to survive without me to save your long lost souls
from boredom.
Digital,Stitches,Dark,Shadow,Raven,kitty,scars,Cannibal second while i think of more random words to
make a name for myself with.
* * *
hmm now i just have to pair them up and make a new name for
Digital shadow,cannibal kitty (hehehe sounds
funny),Morphine creature,countess morphine,countess cannibal
,myztrezz stitches,digital scars,shadow miztrezz,miseri
creature,cannibal soul,dark digital,ah fuck iiiitttt
well persoanlly i like DiGItAL ScArS.i don't know when or
how i'm going to use it, i just will OK?! Good. ::nods::
Gaint quids with pirana heads are taking over because i
stole their rhythym. my my my how silly i am, i forgot to
mention how uttlery steaming drunk i am!this will all seem
quite amusinf in the morn when i read over it and slap
myself for being so bloody RANDOM!
::huge bug eyez:: mwahahahaha
spoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon guard!

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