REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
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2003-03-30 19:59:52 (UTC)

opening game

New York Mets Baseball: *OpeNing day MonDay March 31 at
1:10 pm versus the ChicAgo Cubs, at ShAe*

im taping the game cause im gonna be in gay
school...*sigh* i cant see them beat the livin bajesus out
of the cubs:'( o-well its ok, my bros goin to the
game..ill just watch it when i get home. Yankees suck *jus
lettin yall know* anyway...whats cookin? im feelin a lil
better...i can swallow a little...not much...but atleast i
cant drink stuff! haha ok well tomarrow, i hope we dont
have softball. im coming to school, but im sick! and im
probobly gonna have a fever..cause i do right now. o-well
its ok. i cant believe were gonna graduate guys! class of
2003!! thats crazee...this year went so dayum fast. if i
told mrs piro this she would be like "Now didnt i stand up
here the first week of school, and tell all of you how
fast this year was gonna go? I told you!!" lol mrs piros
class is soo boring, not that all u people with piro
wouldnt know!! i have to go to a gay birtday party for a
friggen 2 year old tonight. theres gonna be musical chairs
pin the tale on the donkey cherades and
everything.....yay!! lol yeah ok...im sick and i probobly
wont be able to eat most of the food there anyway!!!! its
all good though..well actually it isnt ya know why? cause
i didnt even start! my homework...that sounds like a good
idea. oh to inform you all! im pretty much failin social
studies...w00t w00t!!! and im probobly failing math to! i
hate this! rar!!!!!