skankin jesse

what a world
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2003-03-30 19:23:02 (UTC)

A boring town

Well yesterday was pretty boring. All i did was sit at home
and watch cartoons in my underwear all day. But atlike 5 or
6 i left to go to pioneer to help my friends paint there
sets for titanette reveiw. Then i left pioneer around 9:30
and i went to go eat at jack in the box by myself around 10
and i didnt get home untill like 11 cause i was just
walking around thinking and singing radiohead. I had a lot
of free time so i went on another walk to just think and
that felt good. Then when i got home i took a shower and
just lied in bed untill about 1 when i fell asleep. So what
a day i had yesterday. And today is going to be boring just
like yesterday cause i have to clean. To badd nobody ever
calls me because yeah. I need a g/f or someone to date
cause at least i could ethier go and hang out someowhere
with her or i could hang out at her house. Yesterday i also
did 100 pushups but not at one time. And today ive only
done 60 so far so yeah. "All your insides fall to pieces
you just sit there wishing you could still make love."
Thats a quote that has been in my head since friday night
its by radiohead on the song High and Dry.

Song of the day: Yesterday: "For you" by Save Ferris and
todays song is: " Cheer up" By Reel Big Fish.

Question for the day: Yesterday: Am I attractive? and
todays question: Does anyone have a crush on me?

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