Yet Another Average Diary
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2003-03-30 18:35:52 (UTC)

I should die.

My best friend--best best best best friend--just walked
out on me. She's apparantly not my fucking friend anymore.
I should die right now. She's the ONLY person who keeps me
sane and alive and guess what? NOW I HAVE NO ONE. I'm a
wreck right now. I really am. I'm crying and holy shit. By
the end of the night, I might as well be fucking dead. She
really doesn't realize how much I fucking love her. She's
like a damn sister to me, and she doesn't realize that if
we aren't friends, then that'll be the end of me--
although, she probably wouldn't give a fuck. I love her
with all my fucking heart. I'd never get over the fact if
she died. If she died, I'd probably die. I cannot go on
without her, damnit. She doesn't realize that. Now I'm
like.. gonna fucking die.

Would you care if I died?
Would you even cry?
Would you go to my funeral?
Would you care?

What would you do if I died?
Would you even cry?
Would you never get over it?
Would you feel guilty?

Or would you cry for a minute or two?
Then just go ahead with your life?
I'm sorry yours isn't perfect,
Mine isn't either.

I love you profusely,
You don't get it,
Do you?
You die, I die.

It's like a cycle,
You're my best friend,
Well, at least,
You were.

I can't do this,
I'm going to go insane,
I'm ripping up my flesh,
I'm ripping myself up.

Who would care if I died?
Who would actually cry?
Who would go to my funeral?
Would you?

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