Love is an Addiction
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2003-03-30 16:24:48 (UTC)


Dear diary,

Its 11:09 am and I havn't talked to ne body so I feel alone
right now and when I am alone a major thing is on my
brain...Jonathon!I know your thinki is he ever off your
brain.yes actually he is like if I'm out with another guy
and they try an make a move its like un un nope I'm saved
for someelse.and when they ask me out its like no no no no
no.hehe I got the last no thing from jonathon hes so funny!
and he does this spunge bob thing where hes like I'm ready
I'm ready it is incredebly embarrassing but its funny.But
if he ever did it when I was around publicly I would act
like I didn't know him.NE ways on to my actual topic last
night he called me at11:05 pm,thats funny cuz I wa in the
car thinkin bout him at that time but thats besides the
point,and I wonder is he calling me cuz he can't help but
think about me at night becuz thats when we usually talk or
was he just bored out his mind? I guess I'll never know
unless I ask.I've been goin the past 3 days holdin bac a
question I REALLY wanna ask him,I kno the last time I asked
him out it didn't go so well[see entry titled MEANY MEANY
MEANY].But I wanna know if he still likes me and still
would go with me if I asked.Well thats one of those you
have to cross the bridge to find out whats on the other
side.Well I'm a little scared to find out whats on the
other side cuz of what was on the other side the last time
a no. But they say if at first you don't succeed dust
yourself off and try again...And I intend to try again but
I have to make it soon b4 its 2 late.o and it may happen
the 1st or 2nd those are my lucky days!WE WILL SEE!I love
him either way!
Love always

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