Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-03-30 14:41:57 (UTC)

Late Night Entries

Well I've done it again.. left my entry for way to late,
and now I'm too tired to properly recap on the days
events.. but I must do this.. it is my goal to write here
everyday. hmmm. Well today I was really tired.. i woke up
with a damn sore neck.. I went to Church in the morning and
came home feeling buggered.. I slept a couple of hours to
see if I could get my neck feeling better.. plus I was
tired anyways.. then I woke up and Heavyweights was on TV..
the coolest movie. So damn funny... Ben Stiller is so cool
in it. Hmm I used to watch that movie all the time when I
was little.. it's great. Umm I went to church tonight as
well.. it felt reallt cool tonight... quite cool. yippy...
I feel so happy write now.. very joyful.. life is so
beautiful! I came home tonight and talked to Kaelah on the
phone for hours about stacks of things.. That brings me to
where I am now and I am tired.. it's late at night and I
need to study in the morning.. but I also MUST WRITE MY
DIARY ENTRY! bubaaaa! Oh and by the way "Gab if you are
reading this... I am not bloking you on msn... Kaelah told
me you thought I was.. but I'm not so hooray!" THE END