Marco Jacksonovic

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2003-03-30 10:26:40 (UTC)

Heaven's Above, I'm (Not) In Love.

I don't know. Its just odd, I guess. I'm not the religious
type - I know the bible relatively well, and you all know
I quite like priests (good people. You know I'd love to be
one) - but I keep getting drawn into religious things. My
dissertation (fortunately, now, I think) has gradually
moved away from the biblical imagery of Bob Dylan, but
other than that...

a) I really like the CU people at uni. Very few times,
since the very first days on campus, have I mentioned that
someone was cute without them turning up at a later dat in
a "Jesus Saves" (but Beardsley converts the rebound? No.
Shame) hooded top.

b) I always seem to end up defending religion, even though
its not something I believe in, to those people who blame
Christianity, or Islam, or another religion that hasn't
been blamed (to me) yet, for the world's troubles. I told
them..."Bernie" I said "The religions in the world are a
basic form of good. People believe in them for their own
reasons, but a sense of unity, of brotherly love, and most
importantly, perhaps, of being needed, is a good thing. It
is religious intolerance that is the problem. And that's
not why people have religions. That what a bitter minority
do. And that's not good".

c) And now? Well, Christianity is the new rock'n'Roll.
White is the new black. Everyone's in it. I was watching
the Heaven And Earth Show - No, I don't often do it, but I
was enjoying a knighted headteacher, thought it was a
little odd - and its everyone; The guy who played Douglas
in Kiss Me Kate, Ross Kelly, Gail Porter...well, OK. Oh,
Patsy Kensit, too. But she wasn't on the Heaven And Earth

All I needs now is a...trip to the shop to get some
squash, to be honest. That's all.

WILT? Bananarama - Robert De Niro's Waiting. Really.