lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2003-03-30 08:00:38 (UTC)


i might turn around
but there's too much i need to say
too much that needs to be left unheard
you might knock me down
but the fight didn't start today
it will not be resolved with one word

don't throw me a line
and sit hoping i take the bait
hoping my life will be lost in your hands
is it yours, is it mine
to decide who will have to wait
who will adapt to the change in her plans

can i learn how to tell
every person how much i feel
will it pay off if i'm painfully true
am i welcoming hell
if i choose to be somewhat real
does that prevent understanding of you

can i stand, can i walk
am i circling former thought
if i remain in the state i am in
will there be time to talk
when a moment is all i've got
who draws the line between anger and sin

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