2003-03-30 07:39:15 (UTC)

~ Sweet Revenge ~

~ ~ Sweet Revenge ~ ~

I saw my Mother fall
Struggling to regain her stance
Her life flowing from her body
Her cries growing softer
Then fading away
A man approached my Mother
Pulling from her an arrow
It dripped with the last of her life
He slashed my Mothers throat
Then drug it down her stomach
The shine of the blade blinded my eyes
Anger grew inside of me
It coarsed through my body
Wetted my lips with hate
I was so young
What could I do ?
I heard the "shot" ring out
I watched the man fall slowly
Slumping to a limp mass over my Mother
A woman approached from the trees
Cafefully she moved closer
Her weapon close to her face
She reached down and touched the man
Rolling him from my Mothers dead body
I sat whimpering in fear
As the hate that stung my lips
Tried to escape
The woman kneeled
Picking up my Mothers limp body
Rocking her back and forth
Tears rolling down her face
My Mothers life staining her clothes
Hands and face.
She looked to the overgrowth
Where I sat cowering
Her eyes seemed to bore into mine
Could she see me here ?
Her eyes reflecting the torment I felt
Her lips drenched with the same hate
Moving easily from the brush
She saw me and she hugged my Mother tighter
Tears rolling faster down her face
I was unsure of what to do
Pacing back and forth
My paws beat a path through the grass
Do I owe this woman my life ?
If not for her would I be here now?
I whimpered louder and harder as I paced
Her hand stroked my Mothers fur
I moved closer
I felt no fear from the woman that held my Mother
Because she too shared my pain
My black and silver fur bristled standing on end
As my attention turned towards the man
That took my Mothers life
The hate now drooled from my growling mouth
As I saw him move
I could smell the hate he felt for the lady
Who rocked my Mothers body
Instinct lunged my young, strong body forward
Airborn, landing between the woman and this man
I stood face to face with him
Hate drooling from my glistening fangs
I watched this weak mans color drain
As he had no weapon for defense
Against me and my rage
One quick movement I was at his throat
Tearing and slashing his flesh
Sweet revenge filled my mouth
Dripped from my jaws
Turning to the woman
She touched my fur stroking my coat softly
I licked my Mothers fur
Telling her goodbye
The woman gathered me onto her lap
Rocking me and my Mother
I licked the salt of her tears
Letting her know this wolf
Would protect her for life .

~ ~ Fire Poet ~ ~