2003-03-30 07:37:33 (UTC)

~ ~ No Mercy ~ ~

~ ~ No Mercy ~ ~

Your cigarette smoke
Billows, through the incoming light
Swirling, stale reminders
Of passion's flames extinguished

My head rests against
The window pane, my finger
Traces your fading
Outline, as you walk away

On the walk ways end
Stopping, you turn, looking back
Winds gently blowing
Whipping, your dark mane of hair

Your jade eyes softly
Misting, sorrowful goodbyes
Long last looks, committing
Carving memories into stone

I should beckon you
Back into my waiting arms
Blowing a kiss, you
Turn away, into darkness

My fist against the glass
Falling shards of " I should haves," cut
My heart, flesh, I bleed
Blood spills I love you's in streams

Picking up scattered
Bits of heart, soul, at my feet
Pieces of me, that
You wanted, needed to have

Sifting charred remains
Alone forever in my house, of
Laughter, tears, love made
Our memories, ashes, of yesterday

~ Fire Poet ~