2003-03-30 07:35:34 (UTC)

~ CONFESSIONS ~ (a twist of tale)


Forgive me Father, for I have sinned
I took the life of another
"Death by your own hand ?"
Let me take you back to how it began
My act was done with love and favor

For centuries terror reigned this land
Known as the Vampire Bruxsa
Human by day
Vampire by night
The land plagued by phobia

She drank the blood of children
Birthed from her own loins
She used the art of witchcraft
Creature to creature her shape could shift
Hunters staked her heart , covered her eyes with coins

Yet she lived , terrorizing travelers
This being of evil grew quite despised
As descendants go there are no males
She would devour them whole
This evil had no , known means of demise

A grandmother generations before me
To the Bruxsa a trusted friend
Grandmother kept a secret journal she passed
Down through her own from hand to hand
Because of her our family lived

The journal revealed two deadly secrets
To grandmothers dying ear , Bruxsa spoke of infection
To kill the beast , you must destroy my beauty
For I am not one of blood , but of vanity
The only vampire who will ever see her own reflection

I can only be destroyed by one of my own
So I ensured my bloodlines end
Grandmother had a secret as well , twins seperated at birth
Daughters, one kept and one sent across the earth
This she wrote as she lay down on deaths bed

Forgive me Father , for I have and will sin
I destroyed beauty, I killed my mother
Through me her legacy thrives
Many more will loose their lives
For I am my mothers daughter

~ Fire Poet ~