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2003-03-30 07:33:09 (UTC)

~ Errant Desire ~

Errant Desire

Mistress approaches
A lover waits so patient
Entangled moment
Erotic play the lovers bound

With a flick of wrist
The Mistress softly cracks her whip
Raised , reddend flesh
From her leather whips tender kiss

Errant desires his
Hands pulling against his bindings
He wishes to touch
Longs to embrace his Mistress

Attention you want
My attention you now have
With another flick of wrist
The whips stings his supple ass

His body moves slight
Moans move past open lips
Expelling into air
This moment forever he's waited

Mistress sweet Mistress
Strike me Mistress once again
Love me with your whip
My attention you too now have

His manhood engorged
Angry, purple head drips slick
Veined , straining hard
With each kiss of Mistress' whip

~ Fire Poet ~

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