2003-03-30 07:31:58 (UTC)

~ A Simple Kiss ~

~ ~ A Simple Kiss ~ ~

He gathered me into his arms
Still damp from his shower
His skin so warm against me
My hands touched his wet hair
So dark , hanging passed his shoulders
The smell of green apples filled the air
My eyes gazed to his
Every emotion he ever felt
Alive in the those hazel windows
I felt so close , yet so far away
My skin flushed
As his fingertips seared
Along my spine
Burning their way up
Then back down
His hazel eyes inflamed
Bright green and gold
I to experienced desire
His lips pressed to mine
I tasted heaven upon my lips
I know if heaven has a taste this was it
The muscles in his arms flexed
As he pulled me tighter to him
His mouth devoured mine
Leaving no part unexplored
The pure intoxication of his kiss
I felt a million sunrises explode
Inside my flesh at once
I was drunken
The animalistic hunger of his kiss
To this day remains , unsurpassed