2003-03-30 07:27:53 (UTC)

~ Untouched ~

~ Untouched ~

The night rumbled with the storm.
Lightening and thunder crashing ,
Silhouetted by flickering light, a woman's form
On the winds, enticing ,the scent of innocence.

Overwhelming, the dashing man with eyes of jade.
Knowing he needed to get nearer
Like a thief, her lair he did invade.
The scent of her innocence grew stronger.

Within her chamber silently he feasted.
Through the window, winds whipped her raven hair.
Thus far, he had gone undetected.
Turning slowly his eyes met her dark stare.

He stood frozen, unable to move.
The sheer window panels blew about her like wings
His gaze from her he was unable to remove.
This angel awoke in him such passions and yearnings.

He moved out of the shadow,
His jade eyes searching hers, finding them lifeless.
Her dark eyes a sea of hollow
Which he could not swim, he'd drowned in their emptiness.

He spoke to her quietly , softly
But his words fell on deafs ear
Raising his voice he spoke fiercely
Useless attempts , her being both blind and unable to hear.

She glided her way around the chamber.
He wanted this angel's innocence
" Who's there?" She called out to her dark visitor
From her world, a void of darkness.

To this jade eyed vampire, she was immune.
She could not be tempted by this dark immortal.
His passions and yearnings for her not bestrewn,
To her, he was invisible.....

~ Nothing more than intoxication, an unknown scent
whispering on the winds...unseen...unheard...untouched ~

~ Fire Poet ~