Love is an Addiction
2003-03-30 03:15:17 (UTC)

Twisted Emotions

Dear Diary,

I feel lost,I dont know what to feel.my head has gone blank
and I can't think can't let these tears show or let them
see me smile.I want to let all of my emotions go but for
some reason I hold them bac waiting for when I can't hold
them any more.One day I will have to take the deep breath
and PLUNGE.....

today was so weird yet my emotions still the same I still
love jonathon with all my heart and can't even try 2 let
another boy replace him.You know I think about it
sometimes,letting another boi into my heart but my heart
would only grow but that space that jonathon has and always
will have would not be replaced.So I sit and I wait,I
listen for clue.Somethin that will tell me he wants me
bac.I saw my x boyfriend today and I dont understand he
goes with a girl he doesnt know and hadn't seen her b4today
and he tells her he loves her knowin good and well that he
don't.He looked at me today and there were those eyes that
say stop talkin to me and just kiss me but I pull my stare
away from his.I don't know what to feel I don't want him
bac. I long for a hug from the one I do love. To know I can
share all my feelings with him. I havn't talked to him all
day and at about 9:10 thats when I start missing him cuz we
seem to have alot of night conversations seein as I don't
get as much attention in day.Does he notice me am I there
to him???