REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-03-30 00:35:03 (UTC)

strept throat

hey! today i woke up at around 11, and my throat was
killing me, when i swallowed it killed! so i told my dad
or w/e, and he to my to the ima medical center thing in
shrewsbury since my doctors office was closed. well when
we got there we had to wait in the waiting roome from 230-
till 3:15..so 45 mins that was gay, and then we got called
in. then i waited for another 20 mins in that small dark
room until the doctor came in lol, well she was some
indian lady and i couldnt understand wat she was
sayin..whenever she asked me a question i was like uh
huh..yeah...ok..yes..lol i didnt know wat to do cause i
couldnt understand her or w/e. so she took one look at my
throat and shes like OMG!!! you got a very serious case of
strept throat...(that was like the only part i understood)
so now im on antibiotics or w/e. it suxs. well she gavve
me the prescription and on our way home my dad stopped at
shoprite. i had a really bad fever and i just felt so
shitty that i decided to stay in the car. well my dad took
forver! in shoprite i saw like everyone in the parkin lot
lol. i saw liz herzog..angie cooke...serenity hanrahan and
thats it lol, well i came home and i went on the computer
after i took the stupid pill..i ahve to take it 3 times a
day, well i dont think ill be in school monday..i might be
im out ttk!!
-sick (again) and unloved