LonelyStars JOurnal
2003-03-29 20:45:43 (UTC)

A life in the Light of the Past

Yesterday was fun went to school like always cleaned my
house a bit, then i took my brother for a bike ride, then we
went out to eat with my mom. Later in the evening i ended up
returning to my old high school to watch the musical "Guys
And Dolls".
it was an awesome show even though it was 3 hours but i
didn't mind. Mike, Brad, Mitch, Lindsey, Carly, Tammy you
all did great i miss being on stage with all of you. after
the show i payed my respects to everyone and went out
driving til the wee hours of the morning. When i was driving
i noticed wow i miss the stage and all the lights and the
glory. Hopefully one day this star will shine again.

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