Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2003-03-29 18:35:16 (UTC)


"If yo av sumink ta sey, sey it to mah fec". -I hate those
people. They say that to you, then they go off and bitch
about you. They're mostly always townies or mongrels
because other people could think of other ways to
resolve misunderstanding, other that a cat fight and a
slander match.
"Al rip ya fokin ton aaaaaaaah"--oh really? I suppose you
would, with your 11 inch nails which you spend in excess of
£200 a week on, and still claim benefits. Sitting there in
your leather 3 piece suites, no job--not because you can't
get one but because you don't need one-you get our LOVELY
government to pay it all for you-housing benefits, food
vouchers, nice state of the art plasma tv's stereos, mobile
phones. Wait, what am I saying? Government? I meant us, the
tax payers. I hate these people. If they're having an easy
life once they're over here...they're obviously not working
hard enough. Claiming more and more rights--go back home!
And it's funny how The Iraqis claim we're blowing up food
depots when it's us who's giving them supplies--spending
our money which could go to better use at home say in
hospitals, schools, the fire service.

That's my rant of the day.