Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-03-29 14:11:45 (UTC)


Well I'm not gonna write too much tonight cos I'm dog
tired. ahemm... I just finished watching "Chinatown" what a
highlight of my day that was. Umm I worked today and then I
went to youth to play at Jam. I was sposed to go Anita's
engagement party..and I really wanted to but they needed me
to play at Youth.. but I'm not complaining though.. it was
pretty cool tonight.. (youth has been lame for a while) we
had this debate about the war.. it was actually quite
heated and interesting..oh..yeah and me and Tania and Sarah
did this awesome improv things... it's kinda crazy to
explain and i'm to tired to try but yeah it was cool what
we did. Hmmm. Yuhummm... Kaelah rang me today..she's all
sad about Nathan again.. I feel so bad for Kaelah..she
needs to find in her the ability to let go of things..it's
ruining her life..I hate seeing her wallwoning in self-pity
like that cos she could be so much happier..man Kaelah's an
awesome person.. anyways.. I gonna go to sleep now.. Byes.