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Kurayami's Tears
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2003-03-29 10:30:07 (UTC)

I'll Kill You

[yes, I'll kill you is an actual song! by X Japan!]
^ ^
Current Mood: Tired 0

Current Music: First love [English] by Jessa Zaragoza and
Korn - make me bad and Watch me Shine by ? [I dunno]

Fave Phrase:- "If I'm a welsh prossy, and your a gayboy,
where does that leave the rest of the world?" Me, last night

Fave Words: Paul, equals, very, gay ^^


I couldnt do an entry last night because Suiren was here.
God, I have so much to say! I'll do todays proper entry
later, dunno when. This evening sometime, when I get back
from shopping with Cat, Bex and this girl I've only met
once, Becky.

Dad has modified my glasses so they hopefully will stop
scarring my nose. But I still have an enormous scab and a
dint in my nose!!!

Last night was bad. Not Suiren staying over, that was good,
as always.

We tried to meet up in the original group [me, Suiren,
Callam, Cat, Paul] but things went wrong from pretty much
the start. I couldn't look Paul in the face, and they kept
going on about all the mingers he's ever been out with.
They included me in that, I think. I didn't let it get to
me at that point.

We were at Callam's house, so his lil brother, J was there.
He was so like Paul, but even funnier! So me and Suiren,
true to form, starting saying what a perfect couple they
make. I SWEAR they WERE flirting. But J is only 10! Paul is
a paedophile anyway.

So Paul got fed up, and he started bullying me with all the
things people used to call me at our junior school, and
everyone joined in the teasing, not realizing it hurt me
except Paul. Then he started calling me "a welsh prostitute
horse with a flat chest and horse teeth". A boy on my bus
used to call me some of that! It really hurt, but I
couldn't get my phone on to ring my dad to pick us [me,
Suiren and Cat] up early.

So, bastard made me cry. But Callam's dad is really kind,
and he asked me why I was crying. Paul was an arse.
Callam's parents are really kind.

When my dad arrived, I went, "bye J, Bye Callam...." left a
space for "Bye Paul" gave him a dog look and went out.
Hahah. Serves him right for messing with a welsh girl.

I'm not going out in the group again. I thought I could
rely on them all, including Paul, even though he was mean.
Obviously, I was wrong, and though I'll miss seeing them, I
can't cope with bullying. We all know where I took that
last time, and I really don't need any more scars.

Suiren slept the night, and we played Soyokaze's
dragonball "final bout" game. It was good, and we levelled
our Vegeta and Trunks up to level 10!!!

Then we had a really long yaoi discussion without getting
sidetracked! We were shocked!

We've decided to write and illustrate a yaoi Dragonball
saga. It's gonna screw up the fandom canons, but its humour
and yaoi, so they can't argue. Its really funny. We're
calling it, "Dragonball SS : The Saiyan's Secret". It's
gonna be well funny. Goku is Gohan and Gotens MOTHER and
Vegeta is their father, and Vegeta is Trunks' mother, and
Goku is his father. We're leaving Bra or whatever she's
called out.

Heheh. What a bundle of news. I'll leave you here... I'm
off to start writing Dragonball SS. It's gonna be sooo
funny - especially the mini manga "The Design Process"
which is gonna be me and Suiren talking. Perverted, and
yuri [girl/girl] hints, for the sake. Coz we always get
asked if we're lezbians. I say no, for the sake. I don't
want Suiren to hate me.

The other funny bit is gonna be "Goku and the amazing Cum

I'll leave ya with that thought.......

Buh-byeee Bubsies!
~Anrui Kurayami~ xoxoxox

P.S. Oh yeah, I wanted to say. Gayboys are cute, gayboys are also
fine. I have nothing against them, I think they are sweet and I
promote endless sap and smut! They don't hafta fuck to catch my

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