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2003-03-29 04:47:11 (UTC)

Dance Competition

Well its 10:51 p.m. and I just got back from San Antonio.
I'm like super tired, I think Im gonna go to bed in a bit.
Today was fun, my dad gave me and my lil bro the option to
go to San Antonio with him to see my older sister compete
or go to school. I picked the obvious I've had to
much of school already! I cant wait until summer starts!! :D

Well this years MA Competion was held at UTSA and it was
really fun to go there. All the girls that I saw perform
were really talented, but I knew my sister's dance team
would score high. I dont know the results as to what she
got, cuz well, we left around 8 and I have no idea when
they were gonna be anounced.

Well thats enough about that. I'm REALLY tired. So I'll
write in my diary laters. :)


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