REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-03-29 04:25:04 (UTC)

80s dance

yo yo yo!! wow i havent written in here for a while. Well
h/o before i tell you about today i gotta update you on
sum stuff. well lets see...hmm...I MADE THE SOFTBALL
TEAM!!!!!!!! yeah hehe, and then...i guess thats the only
thingbig that happend. Well today i went to the 80s dance,
it was pretty gay. allot of people were dressed up!!
everyone looked so cute, hehe, ashley j, lauren, jenna,
klarissa, devin, kara, jes, kaytea, haha it was soo cute.
Then the guys...that was a diff story. it was a cute dance
though. it was funny cause i was bein stalked the whole
time, no need for explanation cause i dunt wanna sound
mean. second it was sooooooooooooooo funny, cause ashley j
started dancin wit mr lineberry and it was just soooooo
funny. mr lineberry is a cool guy when hes not mad! lol
yestorday i went to the veriety show and mr lineberry was
in it! him dr blandon mrs sherer and all these teachers
and they were all dancing to charlie brown!! haha all the
fat ladies werwe on one side, and all the young skinny
ladies were on the other and dr blandon, and mr lineberry
were in the middle hahhaa it was soo funni!! (no offense
wit that fat ksinny old young thing bout the teachers:-D.
today after the dance vanessa came over. we are huge
morons you know that? first we started playing with
fire...we lit like 8743902 matches and lit a candle and we
were burning soda bottles and stuff it was great. omg and
us bein the gaywods we are took body spray and sprade it
over the match and this HUGE ASS FLAME explodes right inf
ront of us omg it was scary!! hahhaha it was really
fun...were really stupid when we get together. anyway the
dance...if i thibnk about it, it was pretty darn
fun ...like runnin away from my stalker. i was chyllen wit
mrsa casey alot lol, i tried to make her hide me but most
of the time she just walked away *thnx
mrs "mulholland"*...lol mrs caseys really cool!!ok well
anyway, thats all for today...i gotta keep updatin this
crap, people actually rad this and they all yell at me
cause i dont update it:) sry
well im out!
- reeda
*i never stopped loving yoo ever since that day...and im afraid
thats the way itll stay:'(*