forever changing
2003-03-29 01:43:37 (UTC)

just some more poems

i am at my dad's house rihgt now and all i want to do is
find an escape i want to get out of this! i was expecting
this weekend to be fine because mary was supposed to go to
san jose but no she is here and more obnoxious and bitchy
than ever. she didn't go because she has stepth throught
and an ear infection.woopee yep so now instead of having
her gone for a little bit she is here being more of a bitch
than ever. she is almost never bitchy toward me because she
knows i can be a bitch right back but she is always yelling
at my lil bro i feel so bad for him and a few weekends ago
i wrote a poem inspired by her defening yelps. it is not
that great but oh well here in goes...

the screams are endless
a constant reprimand
only quiet for moments
but even then i here them
echoing in my mind
is this the only way to tame the child?
to deffen him to all but a yell
no longer am i certain
if the screams are new or old
all is silent at night
but i fear he hears them then
his mother's shrill cries
he is becoming unreachable
i try to be his friend
to comfort him when he is in tears
but once the tears are gone
so is he
back to being that little boy
who always hears the screams
and leaves them echoing in my mind

here is another poem i wrote, it was weird writing it
because the style was so different than my usual but i
think it turned out ok

your body close to mine
i feel your warmth
my fears all melt away
i pull you closer
you don't pull away
holding me closer
never let me go

soft kisses in the dark
i feel your hands
caressing my body
as you stare into my eyes
your eyes are comforting
reassuring me that you're the one
never let me go

pull me closer
dont let me push away
my body remains unseen
and still you venture on
you want to see me
all of me
never let me go

your skin against mine
your strong arms around me
the two of us becomming as one
tighter we grasp onto one another
not wanting this moment to end
not wanting to let go
never let me go

everything else seems futile
nothing seems to matter any more
all that matters now
is you and me
never let me go

both hearts beating
faster and faster
our breaths
quick and shallow
closer and closer
pulsing as one
never let me go

this is you and me
your with me
i am yours
i love you
all of you
so please
never let me go

hmmm. . .
never alone
not even in a world of nothing
but always lonely
even while surrounded by the clutter of daily life
always someone there
trying to reach out
but just when they are needed most
they slip out of grasp

that was another thing i wrote a while ago . . .

to love you is to long for your touch
to be in love with you is to long for yur soal

i wrote another poem that kinda goes with my poem real,
that i typed in my entry titled soem poems and well in that
peom it really just explains that "she" i smy pain, my
wicked friend.

she is back
knocking at my door
with force she throws the door from the hinges
and lets herself in
i wrote her invitation
when i let myself love
hoping never to send it
but he licked the stamp
and sent it in the night
when i thought he would be
the one to make her go away
but intstead he gave to her
more power
adding to her immortality
she wraps her arms around me
i cringe as i feel of her clammy touch
no comfort for me here
only isolation
she can insure that
with her i cannot allow
myself to have another
another anything
nothing that could bring me
a small smile
or even just a little warmth
in her mind i belong to her
and though i try to run away
she always finds me
they always brings her back to me.

i think i am done typing for now i will continue later.