Visions Of Life
2003-03-29 00:04:17 (UTC)

Again, Not By Me......

Again, Not By Me....


Hi! These are my Top 5 Reasons that we should be proud to
be Americans!

5. The War On Iraq. We will eventually control & take over
the world one country at a time!

4. The Japenese Internment Camps. I'm sure that all of
those innocent people just loved being imprisoned, &
cramped up together in a limiting and unsanitary
enviroment, all in the name of keeping America safe, &
because nuking the town full of more innocent people just
wasn't enough.

3. Slavery. At the time, to own black people, beat them, &
make them do what ever you want, was every White American
from the South's must have. It was so important to these
confederates, that they risked their lives to keep it that
way during the Civil War. But that was alright because
many years later the confederates, still didn't have to
worry about sharing the same fountains, restrooms,
restraurants, or space with the blacks until after the
Civil Rights Movement in the 60's.

2. The Salem Witch Trials. Saving the world from evil
spells & the Brides of Satan, one lynching & stake burning
at a time.

1. Trail of Tears. Why, if it weren't for stealing the
land away from the Native Americans we wouldn't have a
great, big, delicious feast called Thanksgiving! If plain
old slaughtering didn't make enough room for more
pilgrims, the "Trail of Tears" certainly did.

And I feel so proud to come from the honorable land of the
FREE! Aren't you?

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