The void
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2003-03-28 23:39:59 (UTC)

Amazing Ellen

All in the space of an hour i developed an astounding
amount of respect and admiration for is the
first day i have ever seen her upset.
ellen lost both parents, her mum being the most recent (she
saw her mother die last year) and lives with her sisters
and her aunt.this is a very strong person and one which i
admire with everything i have.
sunday is mothers day, and some girls from our class were
showing off the things they bought for their mums,ellen was
ok at first but it all got too much for her and she began
to cry. as soon as i saw her i made her get up and took her
outside. she explained the situation to me and calmed
herself down.she really is one hell of a strong person and
i wish there was something i could say to make her feel
better.i guess all i can do is be there whn she needs me.
i hope she's ok.
well i aint been writing in this for a long time because
iv'e been busy with college and my social life.things have
been hectic and stressful, it'll pass though.
i had my scan today, i felt like a pregnant lady! they make
you drink a litre of water before hand and i was just about
to piss myself whenever i moved!apparently,there is no sign
of polycistic ovaires which is good, not hopefully they'll
smack me on the pill and leave me alone!

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