My Gay Misadventures
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2003-03-28 23:33:23 (UTC)

out second PM to AM date

Hmmm. Well, I went on another date with Michael a day later
(Cuz the day after he had practice; more on that later)
Suga' dropped me off at the mall around 7pm where I met up
with him. The mall was a run-down ghettofied mall that had
cheap stores and ugly ass people. Anyway, We went to the
Hair salon where he used to work, chatted a bit, walked
around S'more, then played video games at Target (a few
stores down)...We left around 9pm cuz the mall closed. We
went walkin (its becoming our motto; walk 'N talk) it was
his area of town so he gave me a guided tour (Im movin
around there like in 2 days) Um...neither one of us had a
watch, so im guessin it was around 12am or so when we went
into an HEB. I went in the find a had, cuz the air outside
was fuckin up my hair. I ended up shop liftin some gummy
worms and some resses....I also learned he is very much
still in the closet. I intend to break that habbit cuz im a
big fan of PDA. I held his hand a lot walkin around, heh,
and everytime someone was in view, he'd brush his hair over
his face and look all scared. hehehe, it was cute. I did
this throughout the night. (He kept humming that circus
song and everytime he did, i showed some lovin in public. I
hate that song, so its like killin 2 birds with one stone)
Anyway...its about 1:30am and he has to get back home. So I
call home, and dear sweet suga aint there. we wait. 2am I
call again...No answer. By this time it got REALLY FREAKIN
COLD!!!...like super windy and everything. Its at this
point he gives in, and we held one another for heat. (even
usein his long ass hair as a blanket) dureing the course of
time, we keep amused by playing with lotto tickets by
throwing them in the air and watchin them fly...To make a
long story short, I called home 25 times. and we stayed out
in the cold till 6am. (Thats when mom came by and took us
both home)...In total, I stayed outside, in the nippy wind
for 11 hours. I went out when the sun went down, and came
back in the sun rose again...I got home finaly. but I was
wide awake. Nothing good ol' porn and rub down couldnt fix.
So when that was done with, I finaly slept...till 4pm (its
now 5:20pm)...I had a headach, and felt light headed, but i
just took some Tylenol...

In other news, Im moving today. Just packed and shipped off
all my cloths. Rikku and Bit are gone too...I had to find
em a new home:( ... Michael is out of town, in a renasaunce
festival (or however the fuck its spelled)...He's a fire
dancer btw.

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