insane inside 2
2003-03-28 21:40:20 (UTC)

my boyfriend is an asshole

ok today is friday..n last night my gurl vanessa called me
n asked if me n my boyfriend wanted to go out with her n
her i said ill talk to paul so i call him n hes all
like i gotta party to go to @ 12 n shit & im like well be
back by then n hes like whell i got no money ne ways...then
at skool today he pulls out a shit load of money n i was
all like u have no money huh.n hes like whell...i dont have
a ride out there any ways..then im like vanessa has a ride
n then hes like i just i get pissed at him n he
acts like i have no reason to be pissed..then later on the
bus i was talking to my friend amanda n shes all like did
paul ask u to go to the party w/him n i was like no y n
shes all like he asked me to i confronted him n hes
all like for my boys but it might have been cuz hes always
lookin for bitches for his boy to fuck n when i
was on the fone with him n hes all like u broke planes with
me befor n i forgave u n i was like who said i wasnt gunna
forgive u..then hes like then dont be pissed omg im sooo
mad at pissin me off cuz tonyas boyfriend is
always down to do anything with her no matter what n mine
never comes to see me...n her boy friend lives farther then
mine dose...shes in love with a guy that treats her good n
im in love with a guy that would rather play basketball
with the people he sees every fucking day!