No Matter How Hard I Try...
2003-03-28 20:26:14 (UTC)

So maybe?

Hey! Things seem to be SLOWLY getting better. But getting
better none the less. First, I am allowed to go to prom,
with Terry. Shocking. I was really surprised. He called and
my mom didn't mind and she didn't care when I called him.
So, maybe if I continue to behave and put in an effort and
maybe after prom (considering that'd be over a month of not
seeing him outside school) things will get better. I'm
hoping and I plan to keep being good. I worked on the porch
more, called my mom, told her what else I need and I'm
going with her to get it.
She's letting me go chaparone leen and the movies tonight.
So, yeah. I think Terry and I will make it through this :D
I love and miss him SO SO SO much. :D I'm so happy with
him, and we'll make it through this. I wont give up. Even
if it takes forever, he's worth it. :D I love you Terry, 2
times more than whatever you say :D he he. I miss you.
Well, I'm gunna jet. I'm gunna call Lisa...she's been going
throuhgh a lot lately.