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2003-03-28 19:06:01 (UTC)


Only one more month until I'm out of this joint! Now,
don't get me wrong or anything.....GA State is cool....it
is just getting a little boring to me now. I'm not one for
being bored w/ my surroundings. I've been doing a lot of
thinking lately though. I was suppose to go to summer
school, but looking at my grades from this semester, I
think it will be best if I don't. If I do it this way,
then HOPE will at least pay for my first semester next
school term. I already told my mama that was the plan for
me this summer....not going to summer school. So....what
do I do now? I definitely don't think I'll be able to stay
sane if I spend my summer in M'ville. Call me crazy, but
I've been thinking about joining the Reserves. Yeah, I
know this is not the damn time, but I need something to
do. This thought has crossed my mind a few times. I don't
believe in what's going on overseas. I don't think I could
find myself putting my life in question for this country.
BUT my whole reason for joining the Reserves would be for
the money and just the "life experience." I'll get paid
every month, so that would be cool. I'm pretty sure I
could get trained in something that wouldn't require me to
go anywhere. I just need something to do. Another option I
have is to stay here in Atlanta. I could either stay w/ my
daddy or stay w/ a friend. It's an option, but not one
that I really want to choose. Atlanta is kinda getting on
my nerves now.....just the people in general. WHO KNOWS
But anyway, the boy that I've had a crush on all
semester.....#1......well, he came and asked me for my
number this week. I've been peeping him out since January!
The first nite I talked to him I wasn't really sure about
it, but the second nite.....we have a lot in common! He
seem like cool people. Everyone, well my roommates, is so
excited for me because they know I've been scoping this
boy out for a while.......and just the way everything went
down....it seems like some kind of fate. He is suppose to
be coming over tonite to chill. We'll see what happens!
Ummm....now that I'm conversating w/ him, a new boy wants
to pop up. Okay, a boy that Naturee works w/ came over
yesterday. He is soooo cute to me. He was trying to go to
sleep, but I couldn't help not trying to wake him up.
Naturee told me that he thinks I'm fond of him because I
wouldn't leave him alone......ummm, maybe! I normally turn
my nose up to boys who are from up north....especially
after Mu......but he is cool. I just have to get use to
how those up north boys speak their mind so freely. It's
like if one of 'em likes you, then it's hard to tell
because they talk to you like you are one of their niggas
or something. Calling you "son" and stuff.....that's
normally a turn-off. We'll just have to see. Why is it
when there are none....there are none! BUT as soon as you
put one person on your roster, you got more that you want
to put on it?????? *J*