No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-03-28 19:02:14 (UTC)

whats been up?

Yeah, my mom called me yesterday.

"What are you doing?" -mom
"Working on the porch" -me
"Go get a shower" -mom
"Why?" -me
"We're gunna go shopping when I get home" -mom
"For what?" -me
"You need a dress...dont you?" -mom
"For what?" -me
"Prom" -mom
"WHAT!? You're letting me go?!" -me
"yeah..." -mom

I was excited...called Terry, told him. He sounded pretty
happy. So, I took a shower, went to the mall and got a
dress. It's really pretty. The color is gunna sound kinda
ugly, but it isn't. It's a pinky-orange (coral) It kinda
looks like a light red. It has a cross-back that ties (so
you can adjust how low it is in the front) and another tie
lower down. It's really pretty. And the shoes have little
white flowers in beads. My mom had more fun picking the
dresses out then I did. I found it at sears. Yeah, excited.
I havent been up to much lately. Still building the porch.
Going to the movies tonight to "chaparone" my little
sister. It should be fun :D
*yawn* *stretch* mmmm..thanks :D
I'm gunna jet. Later!


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