mad world
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2003-03-28 18:08:08 (UTC)

one more kiss would kill me.....................

ok so ive been out of work for two days ow becuse im sick.
it sucks i have this inner ear infection that makes me
dizzy all the time. thats just something to add to my list
of shit that has bee going on in my life.i really just want
to leave, leave everythig behind and get the fuck out of
here. move to another state were i dont know anyone and
meet new ppl.becuse it seems like everyone is mad at
everyone right now. its really starting to make me even
more depressed. im just hopeing that im not falling back
into my depression. becuse i dont know if i could handel it
again. like i didnt do ANYTHING the last time it happned
and with all the stuff going on right now i dot know if i
have the strenght to control it. to stop it. well im gettig
away tonight im not telling ayoe where im going ad im going
by myself. it will be nice to have a break from ppl. even
if its just for a night.
till next time
"burn out my eyes, so i dont have to your beautiful smile"