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2003-03-28 15:53:41 (UTC)

Short Trip

Late this afternoon we decided to go into Junction City.
Gavin and Owen needed to have their drivers' permits
renewed so John dropped me off at his parents house while
they did that. I'd brought them strawberry rhubarb pie
(with an extra piece for Aunt Janet) and we had a nice chat
before they were done with their errands.

When they returned, John related a funny incident. He said
he'd gone to the bank with Gavin so Gavin could cash a
money order. As Gavin doesn't have an account, John had to
show his identification. The teller looked at him
suspiciously. "Are you related to Marjorie?" she asked.
It wasn't a social question. It was more like "I don't
think you're who you say you are." Yes, he told her.
She's my mother. She suddently looked more relaxed and
smiled. This is one of the problems we have with having
the same bank, doctor, dentist, attorney, etc. as our in-
laws. Both John and his father have the same name. My
name and my mother-in-law's both begin with the same
letter. More than once I've gone to the doctor and had the
nurse start telling me the results of some test and only
after I've expressed my confusion has the realization sunk
in that she's telling me about a medical test my mother-in-
law has had because it's been put in the wrong file.

Tomorrow we have a longer trip to Corvallis planned but we
have to be back by 4 p.m. as that is when the guys have
haircut appointments.