Visions Of Life
2003-03-28 14:11:22 (UTC)

Thank You, Mother Fuckers

Yes, if only war was simple... Of course, it's not like we
could have *avoided* this war. Those few dozen lucky
Iraqis that the bombs happened to miss will thank the U.S.
for "freeing them from Saddam".

"Oh, thank you, American government.. thank you, thank
you.. thank you for killing our loved ones for the price
of one evil man. Now we will live in peace because you
have taught us the American way to live and the American
way to run a country by installing another puppet regime
that will most likely turn against you a few years down
the road. It was truly brilliant. How will we ever repay
you? Please, help yourself to our oil; we will not stand
in your way. We've already seen what you do to those who
stand in your way.... we have learned it firsthand ... but
in a few years to come, when our children have grown up,
and they decide to retaliate, you may live to regret what
you've done to us. We apologize for that, but alas.. thus
goes the vicious cycle."