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2003-03-28 14:05:20 (UTC)


I am completely at a loss with this philosophy that
because our nation is at war, protesters, as citizens,
should drop all expressions of conscience and fall in line
for the sake of our troops. What those in favor of war do
not seem to grasp is that the protester's concerns do not
begin and end with America, its president or its military;
in fact, they transcend nationalism and speak for peaceful
and lawful conflict resolution for the sake of all
humanity. They believe that the basis for this war is yet
unproven and that until concrete proof is provided,
America has no more right to wage war than Iraq did when
it invaded Kuwait. Their protest is about the illegality
of war. This argument that one is not a patriot because of
this belief or because one places human beings above
borders reveals the sickness of nationalism --- the death
of one American outweighs the death of fifty Iraqis even
though all are of the same human race.

In Nazi Germany, the people had an opportunity wherein
they could have stopped Hitler through protests, etc.,
they didn?t and chose instead to support their government
per the ominous my country, right or wrong? We all know
what followed. In the sixties, however, we can point with
pride at what the protests accomplished. Those protesters
too were met with scorn and derision, yet who will say now
that America's mission in Vietnam was just?

The protests are not against our soldiers, nor are they
against our country, they occur because President Bush has
failed to provide the legal authority with which America
has the right to wage war. And without that legal
authority, this nation is doomed to suffer the
consequences for decades to come. Terrorism will not be
stopped. It may be subdued, but it will find its way into
our lives again and again. The majority in the world
recognize law as the highest order. The protesters only
hope to convince the White House and the American people
that that is the only course in which to defeat terrorism.

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