Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-03-28 13:21:06 (UTC)

Friday Tonight

Well todays I finished dreading "Edward Britton" and did my
media text analysis assignment. Hooray! W had to choose
between Semiotics or Leavis. In the end I chose to do a
poetry analysis from a Leavisite point of view..
interesting. hmmm... I haven't gone out on Firday night for
the last three weeks... this has to do with my lack of
funds I guess.. as well as my assignment work as well as
the fact that the football season has started and Friday
Night football is very fun (tonight was Newcastle vs
Parramatta, parra won 30 to 12 yeah go you eels!) and I
spose it has a bit to do with the fact that I feel
unbelievably distant from all of my friends at the moment.
Hmmm... but I'm not lonely, cos I got Jesus! Thanks mate,
always good for a spiritual yarn (winky face). I spose when
I lose all that's really important to me I realise how
awesome God is. I'm so greatful for where I am in my life
really... cos even though everything sux, God rules, and
he's always there to make me happy. Thanks God... you're
Godalicious! Ummm anyways... yes.. I watched Butch Cassidy
and the Sundance Kid today.. quite a heart-warming western.
At the moment I am listening to Friday I'm Love by The
Cure. (oooh that's tonight) So cool.. man The Cure are
legends... yo! Anyways maybe I will go now and read some
more Achewood cartoons.. hehe.. they're hilarious..oooh
yay! Belinda's online I will talk to her.. Belinda Rocks!
(I'm happy happy happy with Jebus!) hehe I mean Jesus!
(winky face)