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2003-03-28 09:39:54 (UTC)

2.5 hours

I got to spend nearly 2 1/2 hours with Dave tonight. I was
so happy. We met up at 5:30 at a coffee joint called Zoka
( I had a mega mocha and a chocolate
chip cookie and he had a mega chai tea with a peanut butter

We spent a long time chatting about stuff. The best part
was when his girl called. All my fears that he isn't happy
went out the window. He was so cute with her on the phone.
I guess she wasn't feeling well...Anyway he was so sweet
and caring and I could just tell how much he cares for her.
Also they ended their conversation with I love you. I was
hoping to hear that. He seems so happy! That made me
smile. I was worried.

I'm still not sure all the religion problems are going to go
away, but I won't worry about that tonight.

We had so much fun talking. He was surprised that John
wasn't with me. He figured John would come so it wasn't
just Dave and I. I was a little surprised that John didn't
think anything of me hanging out with Dave. He was totally
cool with it. I figured he would make a negative joking
comment about it. Then again he still considers Dave to be
a good friend from what I can tell and they almost NEVER
talk. Dave doesn't bother trying to since John usually
doesn't want to go do what Dave suggests, but I'm sure I've
mentioned that before.

Oh, last night when Dave and I were talking he said that at
one time he would have asked John to be his best man, but
now he figures he won't. I told him only time would tell.
I really hope the two of them get on mutual speaking terms
before the wedding. It is going to be in January or
February of next year. They are thinking of having it in
Leavenworth. That would be a great time of year to do it
there. The snow is so pretty!

Anyway, he picked out a ring I guess. So he took her there
after he found one he liked and she happened to point that
one out to him. It costs around $4,000. He said her sister
can get a ring wholesale and he could have a custom one done
for a few hundred less, maybe more.

He is talking about buying a house even closer to where my
Parents live. It would only be a half hour from here
instead of forty-five minutes.

I'm so happy for him now that I can tell he is honestly
happy. I could tell when I saw him that he was looking and
feeling good. He even wore my second favorite shirt combo
of his. I love his blue button up. This was his blue 107.7
The End (radio station) shirt with his blue and white plaid
shirt over it. I have pics of him wearing that.

I must say he looked damn good. And he had shaved off that
awful growth on his face. He was growing a bit of a beard
when I saw him last and it looked really funky. He's back
to his fine ass look he had before.

Looking at him when he first walked up I wished for a second
that we were both single. I'm glad we have both found
amazing people to be with. He said he wants to have a big
get together so everyone can meet his girlfriend. I can't wait!

I feel bad for not liking her before. I like her a lot more
now. I hope to feel even better about her once I get to
meet her. Cal was saying it was ok for me not to like her
last night. I felt bad about it though. Having seen him on
the phone with her she seems ok.

After we had coffee we went to Dicks Drive-In and got
burgers. He had two cheeseburgers and a large sprite. That
boy really likes Sprite for some reason. I had a
cheeseburger and a medium Coke. We sat in his car and
chatted more while listening to Ramstein (sp?).

So after we parted ways I went and hung out with John, Jay
and his girl. We went out to Denny's and chatted for a
while. The two of them (Jay and his girl) leave for
Victoria, BC tomorrow. They'll be gone all weekend. John
and I are going to finish shopping tomorrow and hopefully
find the Dickies shirt I want. I'm lucky to have John. I
may talk a lot about Dave, but I believe I'm happier with
John than I could be with anyone. And now Dave has found a
girl that makes him happy too. LIFE IS GOOD! :)~