2003-03-28 04:43:48 (UTC)

Ugh...what to do now...

I'm tired of this shit. Like we aren't moving forward.
I'm mad at her all the time for absolutely nothing. She
seems to...different lately. And I'm just tired of me and
my emotions...they're wearing me down. It's like a
physical exhaustion. Ok I give up-I'm on my knees with my
hands in the air. I don't wanna play this game anymore.
It was fun but now it's just not cool and I'm so SICK of
it. Like just the thought that I get to see her tomorrow
makes me feel nausous and tired and weary...and happy and
excited and so in love with her...*shrugs* what am I to do?
I'm tempted to just tell her like tomorrow or
whatever..."yeah...oh and I'm in love with you so if
that's going to be a problem for you in Texas..."
Seriously...I think I'm done. Now or never kind of
attitude-hell I'm almost tempted to just email her now
except for some reason I want to tell her in person. I'm
not like that normally but...I dunno...

and a side note to all, I wont end up telling
her cuz I'm chickenshit but it's a nice thought eh?