Depths of an Adolescent's Mind
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2003-03-28 04:18:40 (UTC)

Declaration of frustration.

I am plagued with a stepfather who thinks he knows all and
sees all.

He finds the stupidest reasons to yell at my brother and
I. Just a few minutes ago, there was a smashed box from a
TV dinner on the floor, and he stomped into the living
room and yelled--no exaggeration, he really yelled--
"There's garbage on the floor! Which one of you two put
garbage on the floor?"

Of course. I always dig through the trash and put it on the floor in
my spare time.

Just to humor him, I looked. I haven't eaten a TV dinner in weeks.
But of course, he didn't believe me. "You think it got there all by
itself? What, it climbed out of the trash can?"

My mind was screaming, 'Dude, it wasn't me! It's just a
stupid piece of trash! I'll even pick it up to stop your
whining!' But instead I just simply said, "I didn't do it."

My brother was playing video games. By this time, Godzilla
was in a rampage and was ready to destroy everything, so
he snapped, "You turn that thing off!" He didn't, but
IT1000 moved on to his previous victim: me. "Look at that
table!" I looked and saw a bag of chips and a plate with
orange peels from my lunch today while I was staying home
sick. "Look at that mess! Clean up your mess!" So I put
the bag of chips in the cupboard, the orange peels in the
trash, and the plate in the sink. No big deal.

Mom comes, and a little part of me hopes that she'll save
the day and drive away the evil creature. But instead, the
regular routine happens: the second before she's in the
same room as him, she's Normal Mom, a person who I can
consider a friend. But when she sees him, she transforms
into his little marionette.

Marionette Mom: "Alleliah, what is this? *points to a bowl
that I had forgotten* Clean it up!"

I cleaned it up. Well, what else could I do? Knowing my
mom, if I defied IT1000 and he wanted to kick me out of
the house, she'd lend me her suitcase.

IT1000 is one of those THINGS that tell people what to do
just for the sake of abusing their power. Alleliah, clean
up your mess, you pig. Alleliah, you're not doing your
homework. Alleliah, it's midnight and your light is on, do
you know how much money you're wasting by not going to
sleep earlier? Alleliah, you're breathing my air. Drop and
give me twenty.

And my mom wonders why I don't like him. She's
like, "Don't you think he's really good to you?" If good
means horrifyingly awful, I'd have to say yes.

My rant for tonight is finished. Thank you for your time.

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