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what a world
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2003-03-28 04:03:23 (UTC)

The Great Jessby

Well today was a kind of disappointing day. I went to
school hoping that Miss Susie would go with me to Sadies
but little did i know she made plans with Ash so i was kind
of bummed, but then ash invited me to go with them so im
going to go hopefully. Then the rest of the day was kind of
a blur. But Denise looked very pretty today. So yeah. Ash
and Adrianna always look nice not matter what they say. My
friend Eric dropped me on the softball field so i cut up my
elbow. Then after school i went to pioneer and saw to of my
good friends Lori and Angela. So yeah today was decent. Oh
yeaH Susie came into Mr Carvers class to give something to
the soliders and i got to talk to her for a little so that
was really cool it got me happy. She looked really cute
today. oh yeah i found a very cool quote from the book "The
great gatsby" aka the great Jessby.
"So we beat on,boats against the current,
borne back ceaselessly into the past" Im not to sure what
it means my teacher said it had to do with the american
dream but i think its deeper.

Song of the day: "Shes alright"by the skeletones
Question of the day: Does Susie every think about me?