*Bubbles and Ducks*
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2003-03-28 02:51:21 (UTC)

At Home Sick

I'm at home sick. I haven't gone to school since Monday
and won't be going back until Monday. I went to the
doctor's today and got a strep test. No strep, no drugs!
WWWWAAAAAHHHH! I have never in my life wanted antibotics so
much. I want to die! I've lost my voice, I can't breath
through my nose, my throat hurts REALLY bad so I can only
eat soft foods, when I cough I start to choke on FLEM
((gross)), I have to drink like 80 gallons of water to stay
hydrated, I have a continous headache, my bones and muscles
ache, and I'm dizzy and all the medicine that's supposed to
help all this isn't WORKING!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!
You guys can have my stuff if I die. LoL.