Love is an Addiction
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2003-03-28 02:47:15 (UTC)

Why cant he be the same both ways??

Dear diary,

I love this boi named jonathon hes the best guy in the
world to me.I would jump off a mountain with him.But I
don't wish to "express that with him" as he puts it.Ne ways
ok on the phone jonathon iz a sweet when he says somethin
mean hes always sayin somethin 2 tell me he was just
playin,and on the phone it seems like he wants me and he
gives me attention but then we get to school and he pays
barely ne attentuion 2 me at school its like I'm not even
there to him. I can't help wanting to be that girl hes
ticklin and huggin.if he could acknowledge that for
sometime I would be a happy woman.But I guess I can't
always get what I want.I never seem 2 but hey that life!NE
ways in Science I think this boy named henry likes me hes
always like tryin 2 get my attention and today I bit him
pretty hard and he was still right next 2 me and a few
times he tryed 2 touch my butt.I don know I guess I've
always seen him as good.And this boy named sean S. hes like
henry but I know he likes me.he is constently in my face
and hes always tryin 2 get me to sit on him and always
touchin me.So yea its like can I breathe but I guess if he
was cute WHICH HES NOT and if he didn't have A UNIBROW and
if he was blac and not so country I guess I could date
him.hes nice enough.But ne ways if there was some way to
let jonathon know I guess I gotta become more wild!!!WEll I
guess this is me goin CRAZY!!!!
Love alwayz
Mia aka baby J

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