Nick's Journal
2003-03-28 01:24:42 (UTC)

My Memory

i'm not quite sure what our deal is with learning or
memoryu. i think we confuse the two and eventually begin
to itnerchange them. usually we attribute anything really
asinine to a complete lack of knowledge, which we usually
derive from an allegation that "some idiot didn't remember
what to do". i dont' get memory adn the zealous adherence
to it's value.
in my opinon there are two types of memories. there is
the memorizatoin memory and the learning memory. think
about it, when you're in school, how much shit do you just
remember? just memorize it, storing it, then it just
dissipates. then there is the learning memory. the way
in which we UNDERSTAND what we memorize. no longer are we
just memorizing dormant symbols and their "meaning" to
others (because essentially you remember shit that other
people test you on, so it's what they think is
important). really these symbols don't turn into our own
isomorphisms until we realize what they truly mean to US.
not to what they mean to others.
i'm fucking sick of my dead beat classes like marketing or
managine, where i memorize facts, as if i'm truly forced
ot. everytime i see an inane question on my test, about
some trivial fact that obviously carries no logic to it, i
just want to scream out loud. i'm wasting my time because
the combination of antipathy and exasperation just erases
the "fact" from my memory even quicker.
really the truest indicatoin of the finiteness of our
brains is the fact that our brain "erases" certain
memories to replace them with others. the only real
physical determination of "intelligence" is a density
amongst brain cells in a certain area of the brain, which
of cousre makes sense as certian areas are used more in
certain aspects of learning. but even through a thorough
understanding of complex principles we wipe out former
knowledge (einstein's famous problem of not remembering
where he lives and so on.). anyhow, i'm sick of these
bullshit courses that drive me to memorizing shit that
just takes up space for a limited amount of time. truly i
want to learn things, and then place them in my "learned"
memory. cos i'll know that's not going to go
anywhere............toooooo soon.