forever changing
2003-03-28 01:15:25 (UTC)

ho humm

ho hum
i dunno what is goin on but things are starting to be less
complicated or at leasti am gettign a hold on things. at
lunch matt came over to where we usually hang out at lunch
(he has not been over htere since the day he broke up with
me)he didn't stay very long but it was good to see things
getting somewhat back to normal (somewhat). i don't exactly
know what i am goin to write bu ti just feel like typing
right now. my mom is in surgery right now something to do
with her back i can't remember exactly what it is called
but my step dad is goin to call when she gets out of
surgery and tell me how it went then i get to call my
brothers. yay i am kinda worried about her but i know she
will be fine she has to be. even though she pisses me off
alot sometimes i still love her and she is goin to be fine
i know it!
i have decided that it would be for the bet to tell zoe but
i am not going to do that untill i am completely over matt
and am ready to persue something and maybe by then they
will have gone somewhere, anywhere. i don't think that they
would be good together but i am not the right person to ask
about relationships hell i thought i would be with matt for
a long time i actually let myself fall into the love trap
and now i am still stuck!
ok well i am goin to go now and yea bye bye